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Guiding Principles of Our Investment Strategy

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Asset Allocation & Diversification, not selection and timing

There’s more to investing than just picking stocks. In fact, you shouldn’t be picking stocks at all! Our investment strategy relies on:

  • Broad global diversification
  • Low-cost, passive mutual funds and ETFs
  • Tilt towards small-cap value and profitability
  • Household tax management
  • Reducing costs through operational efficiencies
  • Tolerance Band Rebalancing
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Evidence-Based Investment Philosophy

Despite all evidence to the contrary, most investors are still trying to beat the market. This is called “active” investing. The harsh reality is that most actively managed investment funds are expensive, and the funds tend to underperform their benchmarks in the long-run. In the context of a retirement plan, high expenses and low returns translates to less savings for retirement and failed goals.

We’ve developed a consistent, reliable, rules-based investment strategy that is time-tested and academically supported by Noble prize winning research. This allows our clients to benefit from the mistakes that active investors make.

BRWM believes in the use of low-cost, passive investments from Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) and other low-cost, research-based investment companies.

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Focus on what you can control

“The dominant determinant of lifetime investment outcomes is not investment performance, but investor behavior.” – Nick Murray

We cannot control or predict the market, however, are some financial truths:

  • Over the long-term the broad market provides a largely consistent return.
  • Lack of planning can leave you with insufficient savings.
  • One mistake can derail your financial future.
  • Behavior, not return, is the largest factor in successful investing.

Using this knowledge, we work with clients to overcome emotions and focus on long-term strategies.

This is what we call goals-based investing.

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