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What is fee only?

We’re proud to be fee-only financial advisors

Fee-Only Financial Advisors

We receive no commissions, revenue sharing, or fee trails from any investment products we recommend


Fee-only means we don’t receive any compensation from third parties – we work for you. No hidden fees, commissions, referral fees, or free trips to Disneyland. We regularly see people paying total all-in costs in the realm of 2.5%-3% with a “free advice” type of advisor. We think this is too much to pay. More importantly, we think costs should be transparent, so you can decide whether the fee is worth the value you are getting.


While most advisors are only educated on a sales process or specific investment strategies, the CFP® designation tells you that an advisor is educated in comprehensive financial planning. They’ve passed a difficult certification exam, and maintain continuing education to help you integrate all parts of your financial life for the best outcome specific to you and your situation. Further, as a NAPFA advisor, our continuing education requirements double those of ordinary CFPs®.


As a Registered Investment Advisor, we are regulated under the Investment Act of 1940 as fiduciaries. Unlike some newer uses of the word “fiduciary,” this means we are legally bound to recommend what is in your best interest above our own. In a dispute, the burden of proof is on us. Unfortunately, less than 10% of financial advisors are held to this standard. Worse, many advisors will claim to be a fiduciary, but won’t put it in writing or don’t have to tell you when they “switch hats” into a sales role.


When choosing a cell phone plan, you want a reliable national network. When choosing an advisor, a big national network comes with affiliations and limitations, and likely embedded conflicts of interest. Independent advisors actually have more freedom to recommend what’s in your best interest. Surprisingly, independent advisors offer you more choice than what’s available through an advisor who is required to run everything through the guys back at HQ in New York City.

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