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Financial Planning Process

Optimize your financial future

The future’s coming; let’s plan for it

Our Financial Planning and Optimization Process

Developing a road map for your future

Confused by the complexities of financial planning? Our process will provide clarity and simplify these sometimes overwhelming subjects. Together we’ll work over the course of 3 to 4 weeks to create a set of actionable, impactful recommendations that take into account expected and unexpected life changes. Financial planning decreases the impact of uncertainty on your future. Engage this service as part of Comprehensive Wealth Management or as a stand-alone service.

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financial planning road map

How financial planning optimization  works

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Step 1

First-Time Call

We’ll maximize our time together by addressing what is most important to you. We’ll:

  • Explain what to look for in an advisor.
  • Ask lots of questions about what you’d like to get out of our work together.
  • Determine whether we’re a good fit for each other and discuss next steps.
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Step 2

Discovery Meeting

In this no-fee, no-obligation meeting, we’ll:

  • Get a clear picture of where you are today.
  • Make some educated guesses about where you want to go.
  • Discuss filling that gap with a plan.
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Step 3

Recommendations Review

We’ll spend 2-3 weeks creating your customized plan, then we’ll meet to:

  • Review our analysis and recommendations.
  • Collaborate to finetune recommendations.
  • Build an implementation timeline.
  • Hit the ground running. You’ll decide the next steps: you take it from here or we provide full-service implementation support.

Clarify your future

with an optimized financial plan