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Jim Barnum

Financial Advisor

James Barnum is a Registered Investment Advisor currently meeting with and serving clients in the Denver metro area and all along the front range. Jim can also meet remotely for clients in other locations. Jim is interested in giving people straight answers to what can seem like an overwhelming and confusing world of finances. His main focus is helping clients understand the fundamentals of finance, teaching them how to be self-sufficient, and helping them make a series of personalized good choices that set them up for the life they have envisioned.

About Jim

In conjunction with the team at Bright Road Wealth Management, I am able to provide an all-encompassing approach to your personal finances. Whether you need comprehensive management or wealth maintenance, I focus on preserving all you have worked for, maximizing your risk-tolerated returns, and securing your future.

My philosophy is to give all available information to my clients to allow them to make the best-informed choices about their financial futures. Advisors certainly make recommendations, but it is important to me that my clients understand the reason for those and the pros and cons of each. The road to financial freedom is different for everyone and there is no perfect ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. I have been through the bumps and bruises of life and can share my knowledge to better position your assets to forge the life you see on the horizon. I hope in working with you to demystify the financial world, bring a focus and realistic approach to retirement and help you achieve confidence moving forward.

How I got here

I have always been interested in investing starting with speculating on wine futures while still in college. I moved on to real estate, and now own several rentals across the Rocky Mountain Region. While my main career, up until this point, has been prehospital medical emergencies and firefighting, I have begun to pivot into assisting people in another plane of life. I am currently a Registered Investment Advisor working towards becoming a Certified Financial Planner under the tutelage of Bright Road Wealth Management.

I moved to Colorado in 2003 and never left. Having had my fill of mountain life I currently reside near Civic Center Park in Denver with my wife and two chihuahuas. I split my free time between the Jiu Jitsu mat and rock climbing in the desert.

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