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Meet Our Team

Matthew Anderson
Matthew Anderson
Financial Advisor
Brian Pinkston
Brian Pinkston
Founder, CFA, CFP®
Jayson Owens
Jayson Owens
Financial Advisor, CFP®
Jen Gastrock
Jen Gastrock
Financial Advisor, CFP®

Our Values

Relationships – Putting Clients First

At Bright Road Wealth, we are passionate about guiding our clients to fulfilling their financial goals. As a fee-only fiduciary, we have always adhered to the highest standard that places your interest ahead of ours. You can rest assured that financial planning will be free of any conflicts of interest, and that any investment products we recommend will help you achieve your individual goals.

Comprehensive Financial Planning, Implementation and Monitoring 

Our process is designed to provide consistent guidance throughout the life of your plan. Whether you are planning for retirement, college savings, purchase or sale of a business, or leaving a legacy for your children and grandchildren, we are here to help you develop these goals and provide a roadmap to get you there. We will help you:

  • Create and implement a plan that makes sense in the context of your personal goals, values, and circumstances.
  • Review and adjust the plan on an ongoing basis, incorporating life events, the changing regulatory environment, and differences between our expectations and real returns.
  • Use the plan to guide consistent future decisions. (Stick to your plan during turbulent times.)
Focus on What We Can Control

We cannot control or predict the market. But, we do know that:

  • Over the long-term the broad market provides a largely consistent return.
  • Lack of planning can leave you with insufficient savings.
  • One mistake can derail your financial future.
  • Behavior, not return, is the largest factor in successful investing.

We work with clients to use this knowledge to overcome emotions and focus on long-term strategies.

Goals-based Investment Planning and Risk Management

We believe your investments are a means to achieve your goals and financial security. In a goal-based investment planning process, we focus on taking the minimum amount of risk required to maximize the probability of success. We focus on providing a market rate of return, given your unique risk tolerance, while reducing risk through broad diversification, always diligent to keep costs and tax consequences in mind.

Investment Selection

We create a unique investment strategy for each client that is specific to their goals and situation. While it’s common for us to use low-cost, passive mutual funds for long-term goals like retirement, each client has a unique risk tolerance and risk capacity that must be considered. Some clients have interest in alternative investments that can be incorporated as well, such as real estate, socially responsible investments (SRI, ESG, impact investing), or closely held small businesses.

Our Key Advantages

Client-Focused Financial Planning.

No one can know what the future holds, but we can promise you that we will be here to guide you through a changing landscape, always measuring progress and recalibrating to move you closer to your goals. It’s no accident that we are financial planners – caring about your success and helping you achieve your goals is what we do. (what we are here to help you with)

Experienced Investment Advice.

Our staff has over 60 years combined experience in small business and in the financial industry. We have helped 100’s of clients achieve their goals. If we don’t know how to handle a specific question, we have a network of experts that we can call on for assistance. We have a strong background in investment management, financial planning, and the retirement plan marketplace.

Educated and Credentialed Advisors.

Bright Road clients rest assured with the knowledge that all our advisors either hold or are pursuing certification through industry gold-standard credentials such as the CFP®, CFA, and AIF. Additionally, our staff continually seeks out opportunities for continuing education, growth, and improvement.

Investment Philosophy Backed by Research.

The harsh reality is that most actively managed investment funds are expensive, and the funds tend to underperform their benchmarks in the long-run. In the context of a retirement plan, high expenses and low returns translates to less savings for retirement. BRWM believes in the use of low-cost, passive investments from Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) and other low-cost research based investment funds.

Embracing Technology.

While technology will never replace the relationship between you and your advisor, we leverage cutting-edge technology to provide improved service to our clients. Technology helps us better model financial plans, allows us to offer remote meetings in an ever more mobile world, and allows us stay in touch with our clients as never before.

Local, Community-Minded Advisors.

We believe that as leaders in the community, we have an obligation to make a difference in our local communities and the communities of our clients. Both as a firm and individually, we support organizations in our community with our expertise, our time, and our money.

The first appointment is always at no obligation, and at no expense.

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