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by Matt Merrill

Can you do a Roth conversion inside of TSP?

by | May 20, 2024 | Uncategorized

No. That’s it, that’s the article.

No, you can not do a Roth conversion inside of the Thrift Savings Program.

Surprised? Me neither. After all, TSP didn’t have a Roth option until 2013 even though Roth IRAs were created way back in 1997. We all know the government is slow….but 16 years?

Roth conversions became a thing in 2010. Smart investors have been availing themselves of this option ever since. Maybe, if you wait 16 years the TSP will allow them?

What if you don’t want to wait?

What if you are interested in doing a Roth conversion of your tax-deferred TSP right now BEFORE tax brackets revert in 2027? Your only option is to rollover out to a private sector IRA (any will do) and then do the Roth conversion there.

Need help doing a Roth conversion of your TSP?

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Matt is a Financial Advisor with Bright Road Wealth Management, a long-time investor, licensed Texas realtor, and former United States Marine Corps F-18 pilot. His focus is helping military families with investing and financial planning.
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