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Kelly Van Wyhe, CFP®

Financial Advisor

Kelly Van Wyhe is a fee-only fiduciary CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ offering comprehensive financial planning and investment management locally in the South Puget Sound area and remotely throughout the U.S. As an independent fee-only advisor, she is able to focus on her client’s goals rather than selling products and has a legal obligation to provide unbiased and trustworthy financial advice.

About Kelly

My goal is to replace your financial uncertainty, fear, & stress with confidence and clarity. I hate seeing people debilitated by the “daunting” task of organizing their personal finances while worrying endlessly about the constant noise from the financial media. It also hurts to see thoughtful savers continue with the status quo, simply because they’ve “thrown in the towel” after trying to understand their company retirement plan, or simply trying to answer the question of “can we retire?” Helping people overcome these hurdles is what I LOVE. Planning your financial future is a moving target, and if you are generous, humble, and hard-working, I’d love to help you navigate that future.

I am very much a people person, and I can easily make conversation with anyone (I wish I were telling you all of this over coffee)! I love number crunching, behind-the-scenes research, and making complex topics more accessible & easier to understand. If I don’t know the answer right away, I will find it! I can provide accountability and direction in times that feel out of control, bringing you peace of mind and helping you focus on the things you can control to make your financial freedom a reality.

I get so excited about people being correctly informed and being a part of a team that is full of such integrity and purpose. I realize that not everyone loves looking at the financial big-picture, so it thrills me to be able to do what I love and take that off your plate. That way, you can focus on the things that YOU love. Whether you are just starting to plan, have great aspirations and no idea how to attain them, or have been faithfully doing what you thought was best, but not sure what to do next, let me help you establish a bright future.

How I Got Here

I love a good deal, and even at a young age I learned all about making money-conscious decisions. I distinctly remember being giddy with excitement learning about compounding interest in high school math class (though most of my classmates were much less amused). I was hard-wired to love economics, and naturally, that became my major. Out of college, I worked for almost ten years as a retirement plan consultant, passing lots of exams and helping dozens of 401(k) plans run smoothly. I continued part-time after starting a family, and after a few years, was blessed with the opportunity to be at home with my little ones. After four years of being a stay-at-home mom, I was given the chance to seek out what I truly wanted to do when re-entering the work-force. What was it that I was passionate about and felt would make a difference?? Far and away…THIS. IS. IT! Independent, fee-only advice, and no shenanigans.

When I’m not doing what I love at work, I am having dance parties with my incredible husband and two wonderful children, volunteering at church, planning our next vacation, kayaking & camping in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, or eating my two favorite things – sushi and ice cream!

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